CH6730H 6 Inch Chipper

This chipper can handle branches up to 6 inches in diameter, with the ability to chip the toughest brush with ease. The 26 x 1 inch thick, 165 pound dynamically-balanced disc with cantilever design reduces wrapping while utilizing 4-reversible chipper blades, and an adjustable 4-sided anvil.

Features include a live hydraulic feed system with instant reverse. Our Smart Feed system automatically retries feeding limbs. The feed sensor is factory installed and standard equipment. The feed roller is 15 inches in diameter, containing 10 knife blades for powerful feeding.

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Chipper Capacity (in) 6
L x W x H (in) 93 x 80 x 90
Weight (lbs) 1635 (747kg)
Chipper Disc Cantilever 26x1/165 turns at 1700rpm
Feed Opening (in) 6.5 x 13
Chipper Blades 4 reversible heat treated, machined tool steel blades with 4 sided adjustable anvil 4
Feed System Hydraulic Feed
Feed Sensor Smart Feed
Hopper (in) 33 x 36
Chipper Disc Weight (lbs) 165
Discharge Chute Standard
Fuel Type Gas
Displacement 730cc (25hp)
Drive Belt Triple Banded
Start Type Electric Start
Make Kohler Command PRO
Fuel Capacity 9 Gallons
Towable Yes
Tires P205-75R14
Wheel Base (in) 58
Adjustable feed sensor kit Blade Kit
Adjustable Feed Speed Sensor Kit

Blade Kit 76293-00

Gas trachometer OptionsAccessories
Gas Tachometer Knee Bars - Chipper

How difficult is it to perform maintenance on the machine?

Proper maintenance is vital. Routine maintenance, including chipper blades, will normally take only 10 minutes.

How long will the chipper blades last?

Depending on the type of wood, age and cleanliness, chipper blades will work well for between five and ten hours. Dry, dirty wood will dull the blades faster. Hydraulic feed machines will have longer blade life.

What are the chippers designed for?

The ECHO Bear Cat chipper is designed to effectively reduce the volume of wood, branches, and other organic material. The typical application for this product group is anywhere from light to commercial to municipalities, and rental.

What type of chippers is available?

ECHO Bear Cat makes chippers with gravity or hydraulic feed, powered by an engine package or a tractor PTO. A hydraulic feed machine has a hydraulic driven feed roller to efficiently feed branches to the chipper disc.

When should I buy a hydraulic feed machine?

If time or efficiency is an issue, a hydraulic feed chipper allows you to be more productive.

When should I buy a manual feed machine?

If you have an infrequent need for a chipper and time is not a factor, a manual feed machine will fit your needs well.

When should I rent instead of buying a chipper?

Rent the machine if you have a very limited or unique job.

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