SC5540B 5 Inch PTO Chipper/Shredder/Blower

The SC5540B is the ideal machine for large lifestyle blocks, orchards, golf courses and farms with tractors of a PTO Horsepower ratings from 25hp–45hp. It makes quick work of chipping branches up to 5" in diamater and it is amazing at turning green waste such as shelter belt trimmings, hedge clippings, general waste etc into valuable mulch for the garden.

The unit has a 146 pound balanced rotor with 4 reversible chipper blades and 36 shredding knives.

These Chipper/Shredders have been used for many specialist applications such as animal feeds, seaweeds, soils, grasses, shells, fish etc.

The unit comes standard with the high discharge blower fitted. The blower can rotate 360 degrees to allow you to place the chip exactly where you want it.

The unit also has a unique screenless shredder system on it allowing you to adjust the size of the material coming out of the machine by simply adjusting a lever with no tools required.

L x W x H (in) 18 x 75 x 146
Weight (lbs) 720
Chipper Disc (in) 20 x 1.25/140 turns at 2040rpm
Chipper/Shredder Size (in) 5
Chipper Blades 4 reversible steel blades and 36 shredding knives
Feed System Gravity/Self Feed
Hopper 13 x 13
Chipper Disc Weight (lbs) 146
PTO HP Required 25–45 HP
PTO Capable Yes
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What are the tractor requirements for these chippers and chipper/shredders?

The ECHO Bear Cat 5" chippers and chipper/shredders require a tractor with PTO hp ranging from 25hp to 45hp. The ECHO Bear Cat 8" and 9" chippers require a tractor with PTO hp ranging from 35hp to 60hp.

When do I buy a chipper powered by a tractor Power Take Off (PTO) vs. an engine-driven unit?

If you own a tractor, and you are bringing the material to a collection site, a PTO chipper is a smart economic choice.

When should I buy a hydraulic feed machine?

If time or efficiency is an issue, a hydraulic feed chipper allows you to be more productive.

When should I buy a manual feed machine?

If you have an infrequent need for a chipper and time is not a factor, a manual feed machine will fit your needs well.

When should I rent instead of buying a chipper?

Rent the machine if you have a very limited or unique job.

Will the chipper fit my tractor?

The ECHO Bear Cat chippers and chipper/shredders are designed to fit all category one (CAT1) three point hitches. Chipper weight and tractor hp should be taken into consideration.

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